Ubuntu Browser update (Chromium 12, Firefox 4, Opera 11.01)

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Sometime ago I made a post about Browsers on Ubuntu. At that time the latest versions where Chrome 5, Firefox 3,6, and Opera 10. Today with the release of Firefox 4.0RC1 I am lucky to have the time (thanks to my employer OAshi) to redo an actual evaluation of browsers on Ubuntu. This time I […]

What Browser for Ubuntu? (Firefox vs Chrome vs Opera)

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes
Comparison of Address Bar Height for Chrome, Opera and Firefox

Recently I made a small, informal post on Firefox vs Chrome on Ubuntu. This post was mainly inspired by the┬árumors┬áthat using the Windows Firefox in Wine is faster than running the native version on Ubuntu. (more info here) I haven’t tested a Windows version of any browser and I don’t like the idea of using […]