Ubuntu 10.04 on EEEBox 1501 (towards the perfect media-center)

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building the perfect media center is a difficult task, as there are many constraints for this task. connectivity with tv, network and other computers which includes a perfect choice of hardware, operating system and drivers. input devices are important as well, as you don’t want to get up from the couch when ever you need […]

Install ANDROID Development Tools (ADT) on Ubuntu 10.04 (and Eclipse)

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Android Emulator

I recently installed eclipse 3.6 and Android Development Tools (ADT) on my fresh Ubuntu 10.04 install. I followed the excellent and simple Installation tutorial here. Installing Eclipse is as easy as downloading it from the official Download page (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/) and extracting it to a desired folder. I chose the Classic Eclipse 3.6 download and I created a folder in my home, called /home/thierry/Applications.

google chrome on linux

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chrome on ubuntu desktop

today google released its browser for linux (and mac), to get the beta versionĀ go here. of course i am curious and have to try it out. first i notice is that it is available for ubuntu as a deb package, which means installing it onto your ubuntu desktop is as simple as clicking on the […]