WordPress 3.1 What features I like

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'Just Write' on Wordpress 3.1

I updated my blog to WordPress 3.1 and I am happy to see some nice improvements. Some improvements as internal links, I wonder why I had to wait like 4 years for such a feature? Just Write ‘Just Write’ is a feature to extend the editor to the browser size, so blog posting does not […]

SqueezeServer on Ubuntu 10.04 with SqueezeSlave and Android

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SqueezeServer browser control

SqueezeServer (former SlimServer or SqueezeCenter) is an open source streaming audio server. In contrast to Music Player Daemon (MPD), SqueezeServer is not a music player itself. MPD is a music player that runs in the background an can be controlled from clients (local or network). SqueezeServer is a server that can stream to several audio players over the network (or local).

Install Virtualbox Guest Additions for Linux Guests

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Virtualbox is one of the best virtualization solution for Desktop OS, and Oracle recently released version 3.0.0 of Virtualbox. To test the daily build of Ubuntu Natty, or any other Linux Distribution, or if for some reason you need a Windows OS besides your Linux installation, Virtualbox is the optimal solution, because Virtualbox is free […]

Ubuntu 10.04 on EEEBox 1501 (towards the perfect media-center)

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building the perfect media center is a difficult task, as there are many constraints for this task. connectivity with tv, network and other computers which includes a perfect choice of hardware, operating system and drivers. input devices are important as well, as you don’t want to get up from the couch when ever you need […]

Getting a Job in Luxembourg

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after about 80 sent job applications, i got a job in the country of luxembourg. in fact the job is located in a small village of rosport close to the german border. What will I do there? well programming computers and other stuff. the company is doing databases for their customers and the company is […]